Wanna jump start your own beauty biz??

SeneGence offers in-demand products that people LOVE. Why not start your own business with this company and start owning the business of your dreams? It's lucrative, FUN and you can be creative! You join a sisterhood of incredible women that uplift, encourage and support you! You can take girls weekend trips and better yourself at the same time! You can play with makeup and make money hand in hand! You get paid to grow personally! There are OODLES of rewards, prizes and recognition you can earn! It's a no brainer---at best, you blow your own mind at the possibilities (exactly what I did!) and at worst, you get amazing beauty products at wholesale pricing! You can't lose!!

SeneGence has 3 distributor kit options for anyone thinking of signing up to become a SeneGence/LipSense Distributor and let me tell you....THEY ARE AHMAZING! The savings alone in product are so HUGE in fact that I had to do a post about it.

If you've ever been thinking about becoming a SeneGence Distributor or are still on the fence about it and have some additional questions you can check out my previous post here

 If you've already decided you want to join this amazing ride and are wondering what to do after you sign up
 you now have the option to purchase one of these 3 new distributor kits.  Now, I'm sure you're probably wondering what's included in these 3 kits. Keep reading to learn more about what's inside each of these options for all sorts of helpful information.

Option 1:

Qualified Distributor Kit

$345 USD ($830 value) - SAVE Over 50%

What's included? 

The Lips Kit Includes: LipSense Tester tubes - Sheer Berry, Caramel Apple, Luv It, Bombshell, Dawn Rising and Bella, 1 Glossy Gloss, 1 Ooops Remover, 50 LipSense Applicators, 20 Glossy Gloss Samples, 5 Beauty Books, 5 Customer Purchase Receipts, 1 Glamour Demo Guide and 1 SenseCosmetics Portfolio

300PV Order - Includes 12 LipSense Colors (choose from Neutral or Bold color options), 9 Glossy Gloss, 3 Matte Gloss, 6 Ooops! Removers – that's a $600 total retail value

SeneSite (your very own personal website where customers can shop & order from you directly through your website) and SeneBiz app free for 3 months

$5 Donation to the MakeSense Foundation (SeneGence’s non-profit which supports women and children in need)

This is such a great deal if you are looking for a variety of testers so that you can start demo-ing products right away. PLUS extra inventory that you can either sell for profit or keep for yourself! And with 3 months free of your very own SeneSite it will be even easier for your new customers to make purchases from you! 

Option 2:

Significant SeneSeller Distributor Kit

$795 USD ($1,830 value) - SAVE Over 55%

What's included? 

LIPS Demo Kit (see above for what's included)
750 PV Order: Includes 15 LipSense Colors, 10 Glosses, 8 ShadowSense colors, 7 MakeSense Foundation Shades and a range of 12 other SenseCosmetics color products ($1,500 total retail value)
SeneSite and SeneBiz App (6 months)
Distributor Planning Calendar ($45 value!)
$5 Donation to The Make Sense Foundation

If you are looking for an amazing kit with even more inventory at a highly discounted rate, your SeneSite and mobile app free for an extended period, AND free shipping on this kit, then this package is for you! All while keeping your new business organized with a new SeneGence planner too!

Option 3:

Fast Start Distributor Kit

$1,195 USD ($3,500 value) - SAVE Over 65%  **BEST VALUE**

What's included?
Glamour Demo Kit Includes: 15 LipSense Colors, a sampling of ShadowSense, BlushSense, LinerSense, EyeSense, LashSense, Concealers, Foundation testers, Translucid Powder in Natural, Fooops & Ooops Remover, LipSense & gloss applicators, sponge applicators, a 20 pack of Beauty Books, the list goes on and on...
1,000 PV Order: Includes over 50 of the most popular LipSense, SenseCosmetics, and SkinCare Products ($2,000 total retail value)
SeneSite and SeneBiz App (12 months)
Distributor Planning Calendar
$5 Donation to The Make Sense Foundation
Exclusive Business Training
30 Day Fast Start Bonus Products Includes: SeneDerm Moisturizer, SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer, 3-in-1 Cleanser, EyeCream, Hand Cream, Advanced Hydration Body Lotion, SeneDerm Body Wash, Body Scrub, Abundance Bloom Parfum, Body Poof
​If you want to learn more about SeneGence's Fast Start Bonus Programs you can check out my previous post here
on how to earn the 30-day, 60-day and 90-day Fast Start Bonuses and earn $1,200 in FREE product!

If you are looking for the ultimate package to jump start your business at the absolute BEST value, the Fast Start kit is the way to go. This package is by far the most bang for your buck and you can take all that free product and make a profit from it for yourself or reinvest back into your business! 

YOWZA!! That's a lot of FREE product to think about. That being said, these packages are completely optional. That's what's great about this company, you can tailor your experience to fit your own individual business needs. Or you can absolutely just sign up for the $55 to become a LipSense Distributor and choose to not get a startup package at all ad just place orders as you go. The packages were all designed to HELP you launch your business and be successful in the fastest, easiest way possible so that you can start bringing in profit sooner! Holla!

*Important note* You can only purchase these in your first 30 days of signing up so if you want in on the BIGGEST discount and HIGHEST profit margin, I would recommend snagging one and don't look back!

If you're ready to sign up, simply click here.
If you have more questions, no problem! I'm happy to help in any way I can. Feel free to message me anytime and I hope this post was helpful for you.

Which kit do you think you have your eye on??