top 10 lipsense mistakes

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Lipsense is an AMAZING product unlike any other out there on the market. Is that something we can all agree on?! (Yes!) Since it’s not like conventional lipstick, there are some things you need to know in order to get the BEST results! Here are the most common mistakes I see people making, and how to fix them. Enjoy!

1-You are applying Lipsense to dirty or waxy lips. Since Lipsense moleculary bonds to the top layer of you lip, it is crucial that your lips are CLEAN and DRY before you apply! Any makeup, oil, food, toothpaste, etc may interfere with the bond and cause your Lipsense to come off prematurely. What should you use to clean your lips? I use a dry washcloth and SCRUB them like there is no tomorrow; this exfoliates off your dead skin as well as removes any remaining products on your lips. A great lip scrub is a fantastic idea also--just remember to scrub them until they are DRY and all dead skin has been scrubbed off. <3

2- You are not shaking the bottle before application. I recommend shaking your bottle in a side-to-side motion at LEAST 10 times before application. Why? Because the color pigments are suspended in our patented formula, and can settle to the bottom. Shaking the tube ensures that all the particles are distributed evenly, and that the color will go on smoothly. Especially if your tube has been sitting for a while (these colors last forever, am I right?) .

3- You are not wiping excess product off your wand. THIN LAYERS. I cannot stress this enough! With traditional lipstick, it may be necessary to apply thick layers in order to get even coverage. With Lipsense, less is more. Truly. 3 layers and they all should be THIN. Wipe ALL of the excess product off the wand onto the side of the tube before applying. Thick layers take longer to dry and do not adhere as well.They could also get heavy. It may look like there isn’t any color on your lips after the first layer, but it will intensify with the second and third coat. Trust me. THIN LAYERS.

4- You are not applying the color in one direction. Remember, you want to do one even swipe from one side of your lip to the other. Don’t go back and forth! If you go the opposite direction before the color has dried, you risk LIFTING the color you just put down. This may take practice, but you’ll get the hang of it. You are not waiting long enough in between layers. Lipsense must “dry” between layers. Think of it more like paint. When you apply paint on something, you have to wait for each coat to dry before rolling or brushing on it again. So, don’t rush. Take 10 seconds, let it dry, and repeat. Be patient! Let each layer dry about 10 seconds. You aren’t doing an extra layer on the water line. Since the waterline (inside part of you lip that touches your teeth) is subject to moisture throughout the day, it will likely wear off first. An easy solution is to put an extra layer on that part of your lips! After your third layer, simply do an addition swipe on the inside part of the waterline (make sure its dry!).

5-You are not applying enough gloss. During your first few weeks of Lipsense use, gloss is CRUCIAL! First of all, the gloss seals in the color and protects it from the environment. This helps your color last a looooong time! Second of all, the gloss is MOISTURIZING. Without the gloss your lips will be a dry sticky mess. Literally. Your lips will soak up extra gloss at first, meaning you need to apply more while they get in tip-top shape. You may notice some flakiness or your color not lasting quite as long. This is simply because your lips are shedding that top layer that has probably been held down by waxy lip products (chapstick, burts bees, waxy lipstick). Without the wax, your lips can breathe! Just keep glossing. You can never have too much Glossy Gloss! You are not applying gloss prior to meals. I always apply a little bit of gloss before I eat! This provides a barrier from oils and acids that may be in your food (I’m looking at you, balsamic vinaigrette). Lipsense is burger-proof. Just gloss first! Did I mention you should gloss at night even after you remove your lip color? You should! HYDRATE those lips!

6-Your lips are DRY. Speaking of hydration---what does your water intake look like? Your body NEEDS water and so does your lips! If you want your skin cells healthy and you want the color to last a super long time...DRINK THAT WATER on the regular!

7-You are using wax based products in between Lipsense wears. Do you sleep in chapstick, vaseline, or some other balm? This can be counter productive to your lip health and will build up a layer of wax on your lips, which makes it harder for Lipsense to bond to your actual lip skin cells. Ditch the chapstick and use your new best friend---your Glossy Gloss! It is based with Vitamin E & Shea Butter and SOOO good for your lips!

8-You are using a different lip gloss on top of Lipsense and not an actual Senegence gloss. Other glosses you have lying in your purse or cosmetic grave yard are NOT designed to work with Lipsense and will more than likely break down the color. Our system was designed to work TOGETHER so don't skip the 2nd step and try using another gloss---we just cannot guarantee them and have heard so many people that have tried this have sad results. Stick with the patented design. It's magical when used properly! <3

9-You are not choosing the correct color. It is important to determine your undertones and choose a Lipsense color accordingly. Refer to the charts below to see what you fall under! If you have cool undertones, you will typically look best in cool toned colors. I can help you choose the right one for you skin tone and undertone! Here's how to find your undertone.

Source: ColorScience - How To Manage An Uneven Skin Tone


10-You are not buying your Lipsense at WHOLESALE prices! Um....HELLO! Why would you be paying full price for something you love?! If you love Lipsense, you will for sure love all of our other products as well!! Why not get 20-50 off of every product you buy? A wholesale account only costs $55/year and there are NO monthly minimums or pressure. Just amazing discounts, bonuses and opportunities! Want to know more? Contact me using the contact link or just sign up now and then reach out! I'm here to help you every step of the way!