Looking for a fun summer project and have a carport you aren't using for car cover? We did, too and I hated looking at it when I pulled up in the car to see it just getting more and more junk filled. So I got to thinking and got creative. Before I knew it, I had a plan. We were going to turn that ugly space into a cozy outdoor lounge. Yep, that's right! I think my husband thought I was crazy when I pitched this, but thankfully he trusts (most) of my ideas and went along for the ride! Here is what it looked like when I decided something had to be done...No judgement!🤣

Super cute, right? Ugh. I HATED looking at this every time I pulled up to the house and also knowing our guests had to walk past this to come to our door. 🤮 Granted, we've only been in the house 2 years now and with 8 kids that's more like 2 months for some of you all that have all the time in the world to move, decorate, and make a home sheer perfection right away. We were busy. Just sayin. So we focused on what we needed the most and did those things first -- like the kitchen, the bathrooms and the kids rooms. To be honest, our master room is still not fully unpacked and decorated (parents come last) ugh...It's a process. So...I figure one project at a time and maybe in about 10 years, we'll have ourselves a home. 🤣 Kidding. But maybe 5. For real doe. Yes, I kinda hate you mommas with perfect, clean and organized homes... but then, I wouldn't trade my crazy life for anything so I go back to not hating anyone and just giving myself grace while trying to balance a busy career, a very large (blended) family, a new marriage to nurture, 5 furry creatures that rely on me and this house I'm trying to make a home. Shew.

Well, let's just stop all the excuses and move on with it-- shall we?

The nitty gritty:

We went to Goodwill on a mission. We left with 3 armchairs, 2 ottomans, a desk, several pillows and a vase with dried eucalyptus. We were stoked. We got super lucky or the Goodwill Gods were just in our corner that day. Tip... go on a Saturday at the end of the day... after all the yard sales drop off everything that didn't sell. You'll get GREAT finds! We couldn't believe we found pieces with matching ottomans and in great condition, but we did! Each chair/ set was $50 so we were super happy with that. Here's what we scored. 

Yes, the dogs wanted to make it theirs right away.

I put the kids to work on cleanup and then have the concrete a good sweep and hose down. I moved in the furniture, but it was missing something. I considered painting the concrete, but kept looking and found a very reasonable, large outdoor rug meant for RV life on amazon and ordered it (link below).

It was still missing something. We went to Home Depot and got 3/4" PVC rods and mounting brackets for outdoor curtains. To save on costs and also keep them durable and easy to replace when necessary--we opted to use painter's drop clothes for curtains. We just used O ring type clips (link below) so now cutting or sewing was necessary.

It added a quaintness and also hid the bicycles and other storage clutter behind the main carport to the shed-- which keeps the focus neat and tidy....even if what's behind those curtains isn't ;).

I bought extra strength scotch guard (link below) and applied 2 coats on all the furniture to protect from moisture damage and plan to put them in the sun at least one time a summer to sun bleach out any mildew. We sprayed bug repellent all around the carport and house and bought a tall feather duster to knock down and continue to knock down any webs in corners. Spiders don't like to make homes in areas that keep getting disrupted.

I found a UV resistant fabric

(link below) to hang for privacy and to help keep it much cooler than it truly is in the Kentucky humid heat. It got amazing reviews on Amazon so we went with it and Daniel and I simply staple-gunned it to the wood along the side that faces the front yard.

Then, we decided to hang outside string bulb lights

(link below) for ambiance and I moved a diffuser out there (link below)

and diffuse my favorite Doterra oils that are natural bug repellents to help keep the bugs away while still giving a pleasant aroma.

We mounted a power strip for the lights, diffuser and also placed a box fan on a small, cute table we found for $30 on facebook marketplace to keep the air circulating throughout.

We added 2 Boston ferns (link below) to the outside and cleaned the area around it.

We decided we needed one more arm chair since we would likely chill out there with another couple and searched on facebook marketplace for one that would match the red, yellow, blue color palette we already had going. We found a fun pattern yellow and red chair with a red ottoman and went with it! It was PERFECTION.

We now all LOVE it! It's an outdoor sanctuary, quiet when the house gets loud and we all love nature. Daniel and I love to eat out there or have a drink together after a long day. We play music out there, relax out there and just enjoy each other without the need for electronics. The teens will sometimes hang with a date out there or just chill as siblings sometimes together, which I love. The littles like to sit out there after school for a bit, then play on the bikes, scooters or in the sprinkler. It is a little Cluber haven and has turned into a favorite spot in the house for many of us. I'm soooo glad we decided to do this!

ALL Order Links Below! <3

Comment below if this inspires you to do a new summer project or carport makeover---pics or it didn't happen! :)