YOU GUYS! This Collection dropped this summer and sold out in less than 48 hours! I managed to get one because I went to Dallas where our summer conference is and they saved a few boxes for attendees! I was heartbroken when it sold out because I wanted this for ALL my customers...especially the Bubblegum Pink and the Snow Cone---they are LIFE! The green and the orange are more novelty for me, but I like having them for the occasions I will use them (creative looks for holidays and events). But I will be wearing Bubblegum & SnowCone all summer long ;). I know some were SOOOO excited to finally get a green for their favorite sports teams, wicked looks and more. Orange we have had before--but this one is very tangerine! Nothing like I have seen. How FUN will this be at the pool? How do you wear BOLD colors like this? EASY. A very simple eye. Like mascara and black eyeliner simple. Then head to the pool, the nightclub, shopping or the beach and you look SO put together with minimal effort. BOLD colors exude CONFIDENCE. Show everyone just how confident and beautiful you are!!!

In Dallas---We were informed by our President that due to the extreme high demand of all 3 of our summer collection releases (this , the Jellies tinted Glosses and the Rainbow ShadowSense Collection), they will be making more batches and dropping them as soon as they have enough to support demand. Guess what?

The Carnival Collection. Just. Dropped.

A second batch of LOVELINESS! You guys ---do not SNOOZE on limited edition collections. They go fast and quickly become unicorns that people charge a pretty penny to get your hands on or you just won't be able to get them. Snatch this collection up NOW while it is still available at regular price and you aren't hunting unicorns. <3 You will LOVE them!

Get your sweet treat with the Carnival Collection! 

Four new limited edition shades of LipSense® inspired by the fun had by all at a carnival. Each shade features unique finishes- ranging from a subtle pearl to the boldest glitter.

Complete Collection Includes:

New! Bubblegum Glitter – a vibrant pink shade with shimmering pink glitter

Purchase Individually here

New! Candy Apple Green – a bold emerald with a metallic finish

Purchase Individually here

New! Orange Soda – a sheer, bright orange with a subtle pearl finish

Purchase Individually here

New! Snow Cone – a fabulous turquoise with dramatic duo chrome turquoise/violet glitter

Purchase Individually here

Collection comes with a Green Mesh Makeup Bag FREE with purchase $100.

Colors also available individually for $25 each.

Order Complete Collection here.

Find out more about these incredible long lasting cosmetics by going to

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