Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Wanna hear a crazy story? I set a goal to do this after I saw a few girls on my team earning cars! I thought---if they can do it, so can I. So I set my sights on this goal and never looked back! Did I doubt myself and the possibility I could actually do it? Yep. A. LOT. But here's what I know. A wish is just a dream. I knew I NEEDED this. Not wanted this...but NEEDED this. You see---I was a single mom with a seriously DYING car. I had a Ford Expedition that was on it's last legs. I had 4 kids I needed to transport daily to miscellaneous locations from school, to buses, to sports, to drama, to music, to scouts. I HAD to have a working vehicle.

My kids were SO embarrassed because my SUV would make horrific sounds when I pulled up to pick them up. Like---I'm coughing, I'm choking and I could stall and die on you at any given moment sounds. It stalled at lights and drive throughs and you could hear me coming a mile away. I'm not even kidding. My daughter told me one time at swim team, another parent commented as they were sitting outside and heard me pulling up, "I wonder who's car that is making all that noise"...then I pulled up and she ducked in after announcing it was OUR car." I'm pretty sure she wanted to die that day.

Needless to say that SUV DID in fact die. Just 2 weeks before I qualified for this car bonus. I KNEW how close I was so I PUSHED so hard to reach it and before you knew it---the dream became a reality!

Now what is it that makes a dream a reality? A plan. I sat down and broke down those requirements and put it into a plan of ACTION. Bite sized goals that I knew would earn me that car. It's not an "if"...it is a "when" if you really want this. It is VERY achievable and I can teach you how I did it exactly. Not only did I need a working car and was blessed with a company that had an amazing recognition program like this...but I have NEVER in my entire life had a BRAND. NEW. CAR. Ever. Since earning my car, one of my downlines told me she NEEDED a new van...one that would hold her special needs child, his wheelchair and equipment that she could easily load and unload. Within months, we got her a brand new Honda Odyssey! This is a REAL thing. Not a wish, not a dream. A real thing you can achieve with a plan and the effort.

This was a pretty surreal day for me and I'm still pinching myself for it. But I did it. And you can, too. Let me show you how!

Contact me and let me know this is a goal of yours and let's get you that car, too.