I like big lashes and I cannot lie

Did you know that lashes are the BIGGEST obsession ladies have right now? More than lips, breasts and lipo----LASHES are where it is at! Brows with a close 2nd! So those eyes are the windows to the soul---I guess that's why it's so important we get good frames and curtains for the

m! <3 Am I right?

Did you know that our mascara has a plant based peptide called Capixl that actually stimulates your hair follicles so they grow longer and fuller? Yep! That is in our conditioning lash primer as well as our mascara so it grows, conditions and volumizes your lashes WHILE YOU WEAR IT. Did I say that loud enough? Plus it is amazing coverage!

How much is this magical paridise for you lashes you ask?

$25 for the mascara

$24 for the primer

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You will LOVE this stuff! <3

Formula comes in Waterproof and Original (Humidity Proof)

and in Black, Black/Brown and fun colors like

Blue, Icy Green, and Purple!

They even have matching lip colors for the fun colors for super cool monochromatic looks!

Ready to order yourself some? Shop online now.