Brightening Multi-Vitamin           Treatment

This powerful treatment targets dark spots and discoloration caused by hyper pigmentation, acne, aging and sun damage to reveal brighter, firmer and more even skin tone over time.

  • Helps drastically reduce dark spots and wrinkles

  • Two forms of stabilized Vitamin C support collagen synthesis and skin brightening

  • Works immediately upon application to deliver noticeable brightening effects to skin, with anti-aging benefits over time

Clinically proven to visibly reduce the depth and shadows of light to medium size wrinkles, helping to make skin’s texture smoother and younger looking.

  • Shown to reduce light and medium wrinkle depth an average of 34%

  • Advanced formula includes natural ingredients to relax wrinkles, stimulate cell production and restore proper moisture content with regular use

  • Formula includes anti-aging SenePlex Complex™ and proprietary Calming Complex of unique, natural ingredients

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Spot-On Blemish &        Acne Treatment

Use this targeted acne treatment to help skin become clearer and smoother, reduce redness and inflammation, while helping to fight signs of aging.

  • Contains Benzoyl Peroxide to effectively kill bacteria and treat acne

  • Includes key vitamins to revitalize skin and anti-aging ingredients to increase cellular renewal

  • Feels cooling and soothing with aloe vera

Facial Resurfacer

This powerful facial buffer works to slough off dead skin cells to reveal soft, revitalized skin.

  • Contains grains of Vanuatu Volcanic Ash to achieve a glowing skin surface

  • Exfoliates skin to reveal softer, smoother skin

  • Moisturizes skin with natural botanical extracts and vitamins

Polishing Exfoliator

Polish away rough, dry skin and impurities with a unique, gentle scrub containing naturally exfoliating Vanuatu volcanic ash.

  • Help slough off dry, dead skin for a natural healthy glow

  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive

  • Assists in speeding up cell turnover to reveal new skin and slow down the aging process

Nangai Oil

New and improved Nangai Oil helps retain and deeply moisturize skin with the purest form of natural moisture retention ingredients.

  • Combines exotic Nangai Oil with advanced anti-aging ingredients

  • Soothes and deeply hydrates dry skin

  • Reveals plumper, smoother, and more radiant skin

Dark Circle Under     Eye Treatment

Correct under eye darkening and visible bagging with this effective blend of ingredients to help reduce the appearance of darkening and tighten loose skin in the sensitive area under the eyes.

  • Helps to reduce Dark Circles by 122%

  • Combination of ingredients creates a complete treatment for dark circles, edema and under eye puffiness

  • Includes a blend of antioxidants shown to repair damage, fight free radicals and slow the aging process

Nail Extend

Keep nails in top condition and help repair damage with NailExtend. This cuticle treatment helps cracked, splitting, weak and dry nails become healthier and stronger.

  • Strengthens, lengthens and protects nails by stimulating keratin production

  • With daily use, future damage can be prevented as new nails grow back stronger

  • Formulated with SenePlex Complex™, vitamins, growth enhancing peptides and powerful moisturizers

Lash Extend

Don't battle with false eyelashes or expensive extensions when you can naturally enhance your gorgeous gaze. Simply apply LashExtend to the base of the lashes and watch your lashes extend in length. Colored liquid liners are perfect for brilliantly lined eyes and luscious lashes in one easy step.

Plump lips from the inside out with the most advanced and natural technologies designed to support lasting results of full, pouty lip

Lip Volumizer

  • Works to increase lip volume up to 20% and lip moisture up to 54% with one month of daily use

  • Get fuller, noticeably smoother lips without the use of irritants

  • Helps to minimize feathering and fine lines around the mouth with SenePlex Complex™ for increased cellular renewal