Become your own Beauty Boss

Under Sponsor, you should see the sponsor's ID number shown as 198145 (it should tell you that Cassandre Clifford is your upline - if it does not please contact me, your sponsor selection cannot be undone once chosen.)

You'll click individual account.

When it asks for a fictitious business name you can skip that part.

Click the
new distributor package for sign-up.

Decide if you want a business start up kit. These are pretty darn AMAZING so choose wisely, you only get ONE!

Once you have filled out all the information you may click
"Sign Up Now".

Congratulations!! You are now part of our team! I will help you get started on next steps to help you run a successful business and share all of our teams amazing resources with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY should I?

watch the video and see for yourself!